Export Data

Can I export all my data?

Yes, we strongly advice you to download your data (game tracking only) for further analysis and archiving purposes. Especially if you want to leave a group, please make sure you have downloaded all your data first. In order to do so, please go to "analytics" and choose the "expert mode". You will be charged for every download separately, but you will always get the full set of your data (all groups).


Can I delete a group?

No, you can't actually delete a group. But you can leave a group. The only difference is that we will continue to keep your data on our servers for a certain periode of time. Please go to "groups" and choose the "info button". You can now leave the group.

I don't get the idea of groups. What is this all about? Why do I need to set up a group?

We thought it makes sense to keep track of all kind of Casino Games and be able to define with whom you'd like to share and compare your results. So if you plan a trip to Vegas for the Weekend with friends, make sure you set up an individual group for this trip. But if you only play just by yourself, set up a seperate group for this purpose. You can decide how you'd like to set up and use those groups.

I can't leave my group, why?

You are the administrator of a group and some of your friends are still in there.

Game tracking

Can I change my tracked game?

Yes, please go to "timeline", choose the entry you would like to change and press "edit".

Where can I add more details about my game?

Please use the more details button on the last screen of the game tracking. There you can provide all required details for your game. Based on the game type those details are different for each game.

Where can I track my average bet per hand?

You can do so on the more details screen. Pls use the more details button on the last screen of the game tracking. Pls use the 'table minimum' for either keep track on your average bet per hand or if you want to keep track on what 'type of table - minimum per hand' you are playing

I can't find the correct Casino, what can I do?

Hirola iOS App determines your current location with GPS and shows you the Casino automatically in which you are. If you don't have a connection (4G or WiFi) this might not work and you have to select the Casino manually. At the moment we have only Las Vegas based Casinos available for this manual mode. If you are playing somewhere else, pls let us know which Casinos we should add and we will be happy to improve this list.

Where can I track my average bet per spin?

If you are tracking slot and / or video games, this detail is called the 'spin denomination'. So if you are betting 2$ per spin at a 'Wheel of Fortune' 1$ Slot machine, you enter 1$ as spin denomination and you cann add the spin type 'progressive'.


Can I remove a friend from a group?

No, actually we think that's very unfriendly and therefore we have not implemented this. So please make sure you invite the right friends to the right group. However everyone can leave a group.

I can't add friends to a group, why?

You don't seem to be the 'admin' of this group. Only the one person who has set up the group acts as 'admin' and can therefore invite friends.


What does 'Lucky Place' mean?

In the dashboard we show you important information about your game on one page. The lucky place is the Casino, in which you have won the most, compared to your losses. So in essence it's the place where you have the highest net earnings.

Budget / Winning Goal

Can I edit my daily budget, group budget and / or winning goal?

Yes, please go to "groups" and choose the "info button". You can now edit them.


The results on "group ranking" and "daily ranking" are different. Why?

The daily ranking is providing you an overview of the results of the current day. But those figures are being daily reset. The group ranking is calculated based on the overall results is not being reset.


Can I use the Hirola iOS App offline?

Yes, your data will be updated as soon as you have a connection to the internet


I think I found a bug. Where can I report it?

Please go to "Settings" and use the "Contact us" button.

Business Relation

I'm looking for a cooperation with Hirola.

Please contact us via e-mail: support@hirola.co